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All hoarding situations are unique. There are many variables such as the degree of the affliction, length of time, perception of value, amount of hazard and damage, and more. We are prepared to handle every eventuality.

First there is an assessment, then a pre-interview where the problem is identified and goals are set. This interview determines the next steps. Among the next steps the treasures are defined and separated from the trash and the trash is discarded. If safety issues exist they are handled. If there is structural damage it is repaired. If restoration is needed it is completed. Whatever the situation calls for we handle it in house. Once the work is completed there is a post-interview, then education, coaching, and follow up to make sure the client does not ever fall back into destructive behaviors.

Choose Us!

We’ve been in business long enough (almost 40 years) so we already know what works and what doesn’t work for Disposophobics and Hoarders no matter where they land on the Disposophobia spectrum.

We know the difference between trash and treasure, and how to help those who don’t make healthy decisions.

If you, or a loved one, are feeling overwhelmed by your situation and find yourself in an unmanageable situation, we can, and would like to, help.

When choosing us, you are working with a company who has the expertise to know what the beginning, middle, and end of a project looks like before we start. We do not give vague estimates that are subject to change in the future. We insist that our clients be invested in their recovery. We don’t guess what needs to be done, how long it’s going to take to achieve objectives, or sub-contract our work to others. We provide professional quality services that can be relied upon.

What our clients say...

The neighbors called the department of health on me. My social worker recommended The Disaster Masters. I called them and Ron just took over. He called me out on some stuff, told me some other stuff I didn’t want to hear at the time, but looking back on it all I have to say he was right. And, by the way, I can say it from my clean, neat, and orderly home office that I couldn’t even get into before Disaster Masters came in.
William H.
Sarasota, FL

There are literally thousands of roads to an uncluttered life. We offer a direct path to a new and better life without road blocks or long detours. We have walked this path with thousands of others in the past and we are here to show you the way.

Call us today at 727-463-2582, find out more about our solutions and get your life back on the road to success.

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