Disposophobia (dis-pos-o-fo-bia) is the fear of getting rid of stuff.

Disposophobia is a human condition and is present in all of us to a certain extent. For example, not many of us would toss out our money, keys, or cell phone. Most of us would question someone who keeps cereal box tops, collects plastic water bottles, or refuses to discard spoiled food though. We have rational fears and irrational fears of parting with certain items.

On one side of the spectrum, there are those who are referred to as minimalists. On the opposite side of the spectrum there are the hoarders or disposophobics..

The problem is the irrational fear, which prevents people from discarding in general, or encourages saving in excess. What is irrational and rational is purely subjective. One person’s trash is another one’s treasure. What is not subjective however, is that the mix of irrational fears combined with lack of motivation, interest, and/or time management issues, can create a condition in which clutter will accumulate to a point that makes an environment unhealthy and/or unsafe..

The environment of someone who clutters may resemble the environment of a hoarder, but in fact they have few if any irrational fears parting with these things. The term “Disposophobia” describes the entire spectrum of these rational and irrational fears as it pertains to our ability to get rid of stuff.

If you, or someone you know, is on a path toward the irrational fear end of the disposophobia spectrum it may feel like an overwhelming problem to surmount. This is where we can be of service. We are not trash haulers who will come in take everything away. We are not a faux cleaning company with cameras trying to shoot a reality show. We are professionals that understand the affliction, who will respect our client’s dignity and property, with the expertise to handle any issues that may arise from cleaning to structural damage. We will work directly with the client, respectfully, to not only get them through their current dilemma, but also leave them with the skills to ensure the problem never reoccurs.

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What our clients say...

My mom lost control of her surroundings at some point in her late seventies. I grew concerned when she was hesitant to have us visit even though we lived up north and opportunities to see her were scarce. I finally made a special trip when a neighbor called and told me I needed to check on her. I was horrified by what I found. I wept for her, and also because I had no idea how to help her. That’s when Disaster Masters came into my mom’s life. I called and spoke to Ron Alford. I was back in Ohio but Ron was local to my mom and he knew exactly what had to be done, and took care of everything. My only other option was a costly nursing home. I hated that idea, so did my mom, and Disaster Masters saved the day. I would highly recommend them to anybody in a similar situation.
Alyssa L.
Upper Sandusky, OH

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